The Angry Redhead for the late Red Beckman

The Rocky Mountain Knights

I added this page because I still get a lot of requests to join.  Right now there is no such thing.  However if enough people are interested we could start it up again.  Truthfully it was just a publicity stunt on my part.  But it did make international news. But it did increase  Klan support.  So here is my proposal.  If you think the Rocky Mountain Knights is worth salvaging take off with it your selves.  I'm not interested in being the leader of it but I will forward membership or information requests that I get on this site or my facebook page to someone who is interested in starting it up. 

I you are interested in organizing the Rocky Mountain Knights send me a 100 word essay on why you would like to organize the Rocky Mountain Knights.  Also include a photo copy of your drivers license. Please include your phone number so I can conduct a short telephone interview. This is now a international organization so people from anywhere in the world are encouraged to apply.  Send your info by snail mail to:

John Abarr

P.O. Box1291

Forsyth, MT 59327