The Angry Redhead

Jon Testor has been hanging out with the wrong crowd in the nasty D.C. Swamp.  He is now a full fledge member of the H.E.M.R.R.O.I.D.S. conspiracy (Humanist evolutionist malcontent recusants reveling obscene immoral deviant sexuality.)  Recently he has been bending over so much he has lost  sight of Montana values and the Montana "human" rights network has been controlling his every move.  It is time we send him out to pasture and get him out of D.C. sell his fake ranch and move to California where he and his family will feel at home.

Jon Testor has H.E.M.R.R.O.I.D.S.

John Abarr

The Angry Redhead

Advertising Specialist

Political Mercenary for Hire


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Looking for a lawyer who will take on a 300 million case of liable by Lee Enterprises.

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It looks like Testor's water is about ready to break.