The Angry Redhead for the late Red Beckman

John Abarr is the Angry RedheadTM

John Abarr is The Angry Redhead.  He was born in Wyoming in the 1970’s but spent most his time growing up in Montana.  His father Harley was a cowboy who moved around from ranch to ranch and instilled in him racial and national pride.  His mother Doris was a home maker who taught John to love the Lord Jesus Christ and to make him his personal savior.

At age 13, John was moved by the terrorist attack against the Marine’s barracks in Beirut. So he started the Anti-Terrorist Association.  This was mostly made up from his friends on the school bus.  They headed into the hills around Powell, Wyoming training in combat tactics, digging fox holes and making  improvised explosives out of gun powder and pipes. One of John’s friends father was ex Special Forces and he gave this small band of marauders a lot of guidance.

Now days the hysteria around guns would have raised a lot of eye brows.  But, back then it really didn’t faze anyone.  We were all country kids who had been around guns our whole lives. John’s dad gave him a single shot 22 when he was three and took him target shooting at the junk yard to hone his skills as a marksman at an early age.  Most of John’s friends had the same experience growing up and respected firearms.  None of us even thought our activities were odd or weird to be doing.  Nowdays we would have been called a militia hate group but back then we were just proud American’s

After high school John moved to Casper, Wyoming where he ended up working for the Pace Amendment. John, joined the KKK when he was 18 on 8-8-88 and spent the next few years promoting equal rights for White’s because he was alarmed by how fast the demographics were changing in America.

In college, a Army recruiter tried to sign up John so he could join right after graduation.  However, John didn’t trust Bill Clinton who was President and told the recruiter after getting a 100 percent on the entry exam, that he wasn’t interested in being property of the US Government.

Soon after graduation John moved to Billings where Wayne Inman just became Police Chief.  Wayne Inman had just moved to Billings from Portland and started making a big stink when KKK papers started appearing around town.  Wayne Inman eventually sued John for making fun of him.  The thin skinned bastard ended up dropping the baseless suit and was forced to resign by the Police Union.  Inman permanently gave up police work but not before going on a national tour touting his so called victory over hate.  The left was so distraught over what had occurred in Billings that they paid a Jewess a hundred thousand dollars to make a movie about her trauma.    

John, ended up getting married having two kids and having a great life in Great Falls, MT where he still lives.  After all, the hero always gets the girl.

John is working to heal himself from his experiences in the hate movement.  He spent 30 years in the movement and change is coming slowly but surely.