The Angry Redhead for the late Red Beckman

When elected governor I will fly the confederate flag over our wonderful state capital.

I want all main roads entering Montana to be sealed off by the National Guard to check for drugs being smuggled in.  violaters  will not be detained.  Drugs will be confiscated and the offender will forever be barred from ever entering Montana.

I would like to see the State Legislator legalize para-military training on private property.  Only veterans of the US military will be allowed to participate.

Close down all federal buildings and make it illegal for the FBI or IRS to come into the State.

Any one convicted of selling drugs will not be jailed but deported out of state and will be banned from re-entering MT

Healthcare for the working poor should be a priority.

On State ballots in the General election ballots party affiliation removed so people will vote for the person and not the party.

Independent and third party candidates should no longer have to do anything other than pay the filing fee to be on the ballot.

 Cowboys and farm workers should be paid by the hour.

Farmers and ranchers should be exempt from paying property tax.

Employers who hire illegals will face a mandatory jail sentence plus confiscation of any property associated with that business

The first two years of college should be free for high school students with a3.0 or better.

The next two years for students with 4.0 should be free for those students with families making under 40 thousand a year.

People making less than 40 thousand a year should have free health care.   

100 % pro-life

When elected I will have a multi-party cabinet.

Bishop Ralph Sutich will be joining my campaign as my choice for Lt. Governor