When I'm elected Governor of Montana I will fly a flag which will be half Confederate and half American

I will abolish the Martin Luther King Day because he was a pawn of white supremacist's because he advocated nonviolence.  The only reason Black people can vote is because they have guns. Instead I will establish a holiday for Louis Farrakhan.   To Black people he is like the Pope to White people.

Also I will establish a holiday honoring the Native American Crazy Horse.  He has been one of my hero's since I read a book about him when I was 10.

The only reason Native American's were able to resist is because they had guns.

Out of state republican Yankees sent Custer to Montana to slaughter defenseless Native Americans.  When he wasn't killing Indians he was sent down south to fight the Ku Klux Klan but they were a lot harder to kill because they had guns.  

I would like our schools to teach Russian and Chinese.

I want all main roads entering Montana to be sealed off by the National Guard and the Highway Patrol to check for drugs being smuggled in.  violaters  will not be detained.  Drugs will be confiscated and the offender will forever be barred from ever entering Montana.

I would like to see the State Legislator legalize para-military training on private property.  Only veterans of the US military will be allowed to participate.

Close down all federal buildings and make it illegal for the FBI or IRS to come into the State.  The FBI Crime Lab will be able to stay open  to help State authorities.

Any one convicted of selling drugs will not be jailed but deported out of state and will be banned from re-entering MT

Healthcare for the working poor should be a priority.

On State ballots in the General election ballots party affiliation removed so people will vote for the person and not the party.

Independent and third party candidates should no longer have to do anything other than pay the filing fee to be on the ballot.

 Cowboys and farm workers should be paid by the hour.

Farmers and ranchers should be exempt from paying property tax.

Employers who hire illegals will face a mandatory jail sentence plus confiscation of any property associated with that business

The first two years of college should be free for high school students with a3.0 or better.

The next two years for students with 4.0 should be free for those students with families making under 40 thousand a year.

People making less than 40 thousand a year should have free health care.   

100 % pro-life

When elected I will have a multi-party cabinet.

Also I would make a law that businesses such as Walmart or Amazon for example would be forced to unionize.  They may close their stores and leave the State, but would that be bad.

Bishop Ralph Sutich will be joining my campaign as my choice for Lt. Governor

The Republican Party has become hypnotized by Jewish money.  Even my rich supporter's love Donald Trump.  He declared bankruptcy 3 times and completely owes everything he has to big banks.  My Lt. Governor and I may not even be able to raise enough money to file for office.  We have  till January to raise enough money.  There still must be someone out there who knows what's going on.  If you don't want to donate over the internet send check or money order to John Abarr,P.O.Box1291, Forsyth, MT 59327.  Stand up to the international bankers. 

Vote Pete

Ralph Sutich biographical material

Ralph is not a supporter of most of my Presidential platform therefore will not play a part in any Presidential campaign.

He is very knowledgeable of Roberts Rules of order.

Ralph is 61 years old.  He was born March 9th,in 1958 in Lewistown, MT at the old St. Joseph Hospital behind the Yogo Inn.  He moved to Great Falls at the age of 2.  He graduated from CMR High School in 1978.  He grew up in and was baptized and confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church.  He was baptized April 22nd 1958 at St. Lbo's the great Catholic Church in Lewistown.He took his first communion April 1966 at Holy Family Catholic Church in Great Falls.  He had a drinking problem when he was young but due to AA he no longer drinks.  He is currently a Bishop in St Lukes Orthodox Church.  It puts Jesus Christ ahead of the church instead of the Pope.

He has been a Democrat his entire life and has worked on numerous  democratic party campaigns.  

The Angry Redhead for the late Red Beckman

More than likely I will never be governor of Montana little alone President of the United States of America.  If elected as President,  which I would run for after being Governor for two consecutive terms I would run for President afterword.  I believe if your young or any age if you are going to dream.  Dream big.  So this is what I would do if I was elected as a Democrat.

I would eliminate the CIA.  It is a old antiquated organization that was created in a different world and different time.  We complain we don't like to be spied on.  When the CIA  spies on every one  even our friends.  It is one of the most hated organizations around the word.

I would eliminate the Supreme Court.  Instead I would make all State Supreme courts the final authority in every State.

I would eliminate affirmative action.  I believe the strongest should survive.

I would keep the electoral college because it keeps the peace and insures that every state  has a voice.

I would denationalize the National Guard.  They have no business being sent over seas.  The kids that join do so to get a free education and to help out their communities when natural disasters hit.

I would give Black People reparations but only enough to relocate to Africa.  I believe rich White southerners should be force to pay for it.  Not the whole country.

I have been poor my whole life but I don't believe in punishing success.  I believe in a flat tax.  Yes this will lower taxes for the rich and raise the tax on the poor.  I believe everyone should have some skin in the game.  After all a tax on low incomes would  be practically nothing.

The rich will always control most of the media, government, and business. There is no changing that.   How ever rich Jews use unfair illegal business tactics.  This is the same reason Germany elected Hitler.  But he blamed all Jews and all the rich ones fled Germany.  I would arrest all Jews who had a income of over  a 1000 dollars a year and confiscate all their property and have them Guillotined.  Poor Jews would be left alone to practice their religon as they wish. I learned my German History from a German immigrant who at first supported Hitler but stopped privately supporting the government after he seen too many Germans being killed.  He said Hitler sent all of his oposition to concentration camps, prison or made them slaves. He did not discriminate against blond hair blue eyed Jews.  They were allowed in the Hitler Youth and the German SS.  Millions of people died during Hitler's insane régime.  And he should be hatted by the whole world. 

Politicians who take money from the Israel lobby should be charged with treason and guillotined.  hundreds or thousands of German Nazis fled Germany and immigrated to Israel and New York claiming Jewish heritage.  Many of those Jews today are decedents of Nazi's.  Israel is a National Socialist country based on Jewish supremacy.  They don't believe that Muslims are people.

I would abolish the United Nations and instead I would work to create a  alliance between the U.S., Russia, China and Iran.  With this alliance we will have enough power to eliminate the international banking system  some of them might be Jews but nobody really knows for sure because there is so much disinformation spread around.  I personal don't believe they are any particular religion but believe they are Gods which believe not only their right but the obligation to control the whole planet.

I believe we should force Canada to become a US Territory along with Mexico and Central America.

Its the only way we are going to be able to stop the flow of drugs into our country.

I believe the Constitution of the United States should be re-written keeping the Bill of Rights and The right of each race to have self determination. 

I believe the United States Flag is racist and is a symbol of White Supremacy and should be changed.

I don't believe the government whether state or national be allowed to decide who loves each other on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation and origin of birth.  I would ban the need for marriage licences because they can be used by government to obtain information they can use to discriminate against minorities.  

I would like all high school students to take a religion course of the religion around the world.  Included in that teaching be telling the truth about the Bible.  Which is that God flooded the Earth not because every one turned gay.  The only sin that the Book of Genesis mentions is race mixing.  It clearly states that Noah was saved because his generations were perfect.  That means he was a pure descendent from Adam.  The Bible is a White supreamist book but I don't believe any religious faith should be discriminated.  I belive that America should be a diverse nation.  Religiously diverse, racially, diverse and politically diverse along with diverse freedom of thought.  I belive sensitivity courses should be taught in high school so they learn what insults different people.  However I do not believe people have a right not to be insulted.  Freedom of speech is American's most important value.

My VP pick will be a Native American from Montana who is a successful business man.  I would like the Federal government to expand Native American's Reservations.  My administration would not force any non native Americans off their property or force them to sale.  We will buy ranches and farms that are already for sale.  We also will provide education on Agriculture and give them start up money. 

I would close down all European Embassies ban flights between the United States and Europe. Also I would ban all trade with Europe and stop funding their military.  The EU is the power center of the inter national bankers.  The European people need to rise up and kick them out we will encourage a world wide boycott. Political prisoners such as Matt Hale will be given a full Presidential pardon

Business men such as Rudy Stanko who can provide proof he was a victim of a Jewish monopoly and unfair business practices will be pardon and have his record wiped clean and allowed back in to the meat packing business.  These are only a few that I know of I'm sure there are many others of many race or religions.

Creativity will be recognized by the National government as a tax exempt religion.