The Angry Redhead

My name is William Johnson.  I am chairman of the American Freedom Party.  I have been married for 35 years and have five children.  I attended Brigham Young University where I majored in Japanese.  From there I went to Columbia University School of Law and Harvard Law School where I was editor of Harvard’s International Law Journal.  I have practiced law in Los Angeles since 1981.


The American Freedom Party is America’s only Nationalist Political Party.  It was formed about 10 year ago in Southern California by some activist skinheads.  The skinheads came to me and said “Mr. Johnson, we skinheads all have criminal records so when the press interviews us they bring that up and it makes our political party look bad, so we would like you become our chairman.”  I said “okay.”  The skinheads then said: “but we want you to be chairman only until we find someone less extreme.”  I thought this was so amusing.  The skinheads thought I was too extreme to head their organization.  The reason they said that is in the early 1980s I wrote a book (Amendment to the Constitution—Averting the Decline and Fall of America) under the pseudonym James O. Pace.  This book advocated an amendment to the constitution limiting U.S. citizenship to whites only and provided that only citizens could live in America.  This book caused a stir in the 1980s, so much so that my office was bombed and elected government officials instructed their state attorneys general to try to find some way to charge me with a crime.  (I was, and am, squeaky clean).


In any event, before the advent of the internet, radio and television talk shows were the only real way to get the message out.  I toured America with a  Back-to-Africa Black Nationalist (Robert Brock).  We hit all the talk shows.  When we did the Morton Downey Jr. show, he made real fun of us because of our support for the Pace Amendment and the back-to-Africa movement.  The audience jeered us wildly.  Morton Downey then asked for questions and comments from the audience.  The first questioner was a black man in dreadlocks and an African-colored cap.  He said.  “These guys are right.  I have my passport right here”—he held it up—“and I am going back to Africa tomorrow.”  Robert Brock and I just beamed with smug satisfaction and validation.  The audience gasped and Morton Downey Jr. stammered “why, why would you want to do that?”  The man said, “because there is a warrant out for my arrest for murder and I have to flee.”  The audience howled and Brock and I were crestfallen—but it’s a good story.


At first, our party was called the American First Position, but we changed the name a few years ago.  We are still nationalists and we are growing.  Please join us in our great work.



William Johnson  

(213) 621-3000