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The Angry Redhead

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Herding patriots is like trying to herd cats.  But lets all stand together and fight.

The Angry Redhead for the late Red Beckman


The Angry Redhead

“Be kind, tolerant of others and always stand up for what you believe.”                              


I’m angry that we have a racial problem in this country and all the left  wants to do is talk about climate change. Also, I’m tired of having to tip toe around the race issue and any real solutions.

The immigration problem has gotten so bad that some have promoted the Pace Amendment that would deport all non-Whites from the United States.  I personally think that is a little too radical.  I think we can come up with a more compassionate solution.

Such places as New Mexico are already pretty much all Hispanic.  So why not designate it a racial state for Hispanics.  We then could send all the immigrants from the south there where they can become citizens of New Mexico and the U.S.  Kind alike a reservation.

I believe something should be soon because it’s currently tearing our country apart.  I don’t think Montana should have to become a cesspool like California and other coastal  states before such solutions as the Pace Amendment  and other possible solutions that might not be so compassionate are our only solution. If we act soon we could prevent a possible race war.


If you want to read the  radical Pace Amendment  just call me at 406-868-8576 and I will get it to you.

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